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Blog: Twickenham Fest 2010

We had a crazy idea, so we took the Field of Dreams approach – If you build it, they will come.

Blog: A Summer in the Vermont hills

I’ve always wanted to go to Marlboro ever since I heard about this place while in school at Juilliard. It seemed like it would be my kind of paradise. So, this year I tried it…

Blog: Summer concerts in the open air

There’s something special about outdoor concerts… they’re nothing short of magical.

Blog: A week in Tokyo!

This week was one I will not soon forget: my first trip to Japan! This trip has opened my eyes to a new part of the world in ways that I could not have expected.

Blog: An action packed week at the OK Mozart Festival!

When the OK Mozart Festival contacted me about participating in this year’s festival, I leapt at the chance. The opportunity to perform with the caliber of chamber musicians who would be at this festival was too good to pass up! So, after preparing several concerts worth of rep, we all descended upon tiny Bartlesville, Oklahoma last Sunday…

Blog: A festival with southern charm…

This weekend I had the great privilege of participating in the Greenwood Music Festival. My friend and colleague Keith Jameson started this remarkable little arts series a mere 4 years ago in his hometown of Greenwood, SC, and what a great time we had!

The Country Music Half Marathon

Just a short note about the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon…

Some exciting news :)

Some exciting news :) Today I was named the 5th annual recipient of the Beverly Sills Award!

Blog 3.28.10 – Recital at home

This weekend I was in Huntsville to sing a recital, one of my favorite things to do :) And I have to say, it was just one of those weekends where everything seemed to go just a little bit wrong…

Blog 3.22.10 – Barbarina said yes!

Ok, so that’s not usually in the plot of Mozart’s most famous opera, but it was the centerpiece of OUR Marriage of Figaro this weekend…

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