Blog: Interesting query…

While filling out a questionnaire from a presenter today, one question caught me by surprise. Not the question itself, but just how much I thought about it. The question was: What famous person, dead or alive, would you like to meet?

Immediately various options flooded my mind. Abe Lincoln – I’d be interested in his thoughts on the internet and how it relates to politics today. Handel – Why on earth did he write those crazy one-note-trills in Da Tempeste??? Julia Child – Cooking with her must have been a blast…


But my final answer has to be the one, the only, Dolly Parton.  An ardent fan, I admire her music, her business-savvy, and her sense of importance of investing in your own community. Her ability to look for the positive in the situation and to be grateful for her gifts is a trait that I admire. She’s unapologetically straightforward and kind to others. And though it may not be the first thing you assume when looking at her, she’s sharp as a tack.

That said, I keep dreaming of others I’d love to chat up.  What famous person would YOU like to meet and why?

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