Review: Schubert in concert

A reprise of an all-Schubert program with Susanna Phillips, Eric Owens, and pianist Myra Huang was presented this week through the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. An emotional performance for both singers, it closely followed news of the Germanwings crash that claimed the lives of two operatic colleagues. Susanna Phillips and Eric Owens have previously toured this concert through The Gilmore Festival and a recital series through Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

David Patrick Stearns, The Inquirer Classical Music Critic in Philadelphia offered the below on the concert. For the full review follow the linkĀ HERE.

“Owens is a master storyteller, who often gives not just the characters of the song’s scenario but the larger world in which they exist, Phillips delivers an almost microscopically close reading of the song and its protagonists, revealed with the detail of a fine Shakespearean actress. Never does she force her Mozart-weight voice while hitting various emotional peaks. No longer a merely promising young singer, she’s a mature artist with a highly personal relationship with Schubert.

One wondered why she chose Schubert’s poetically verbose portrait of a jilted bride in “Viola D. 786″ until one realized how deeply she felt the music and its characters. And in one of Schubert’s best-known songs, “Gretchen am Spinnrade,” her portrait of this victim of romance with Faust had the dramatic range of a full-length opera, aided by tempos from racing anticipation to the standstill of devastation.”
(David Patrick Stearns, The Inquirer, March 2015)

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